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Do we need to register on the site?

Yes. You can only use our services if duly registered. Registration will enable you to have the telephone numbers previously refilled stored in your user area, so you wonÂ’t have to type them up again, thereby avoiding potential misspellings. The numbers of cell phones whose accounts are credited for the first time must be entered twice for your protection.

Pin order to register, fill out the form and write a password. Please, note that the fields marked with * are required.

Once registered on the site, all you need to do is log in thereafter to use the credit refilling service.

How many mobiles can I refill?

You can recharge the mobile you want, once you declare on your list of recipients.

How do I refill a mobile?

Log in on the site and visit the Credit Refill section. Once there, complete the form provided. You must carefully write the number(s) of one or two mobiles to be refilled, the full name(s) of the contact person in Cuba and a line number on which we can contact the person concerned.

As part of the form, you must select the credit refill amount and the equivalent US value will be obtained.

EUnder Remarks, you can write any data or information deemed important for the implementation of the service required.

Below, you may select the form of payment to be used. As we speak, payment can be made by credit cards only. In case you have not done so before, you must now read the Terms and Conditions of the Service and, if accepted, you must click on the dialogue box enabled for such purpose, located at the bottom of the credit refill form.

Finally, click on the Confirm data button after making sure that the data written is correct, in order to avoid refill mistakes, as once this is confirmed it will not be possible to undo the operation. Should a refund of the paid amount be required, due to an incorrect number provided, a partial refund will be made upon the relevant penalty.

After confirming the data, wait for a few seconds for the system to return the validated information.

In the event that the mobile number is not valid for the credit refill system, you will receive a message with the relevant information in order to modify the information provided before.

If the information is correct, the system will indicate that the data has been confirmed and that payment can be made.

How do I make the payment?

In order to make the payment, just click on the Paying for credit button, which will redirect you to the banking system that will process your card data. Transactions are made under a safe connection ensuring confidentiality.

At the end of this page, you will find the form requiring data on your credit or debit card: make sure that you write such data as appearing on your card, and do not forget to select the month and year of expiry of it, as well the PIN appearing on the back of the card. All this data, along with your address and telephone number, is used for verification purposes with the bank issuing your card in order to check for validity.

Once the form is completed and the data verified, please click on SUBMIT PAYMENT button.

The verification process will take a few minutes, so we recommend that you are patient and refrain from using your mouse, keyboard or browser until the system returns your transactionÂ’s acceptance or refusal. This prevents duplicate transactions balance.

What credit cards can be used?

We operate with Visa and MasterCard.

Once the online payment transaction is completed, how is the new credit added to my cell phone account?


How can I clarify any questions?

You can contact us by e-mail on atencionaclientes@compra-dtodo.ca or through the online help provided. A response to your inquiries will be provided either way as soon as possible.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. It will always be a pleasure to serve you.


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